SetActionAccount.exe is a MOM command-line utility for viewing and changing the Windows account designated as the MOM action account.

The initial configuration of the account occurs during the installation of the MOM Management Server. The SetActionAccount tool is used to modify the action account for an existing MOM deployment.

Several MOM processes run under the action account, including the processes that host MOM response scripts and managed code responses. The main purpose of the action account is to control the permissions and security for these processes, and the scripts and assemblies that they execute.

Note Note   

You must run the tool on a MOM Management Server computer.

Viewing the Current Account

SetActionAccount.exe ManagementGroupName -query


  • -query
    Queries the current setting for the specified Management Group.


  • ManagementGroupName
    The name of the MOM management server.

Changing the Account

SetActionAccount.exe -set DomainName UserName


  • -set
    Changes the account used as the action account.


  • DomainName
    The domain name of the account to use.
  • UserName
    The name of the account to use.

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