How to Stop Maintenance Mode on a Monitored Object in Essentials

Applies To: System Center Essentials 2010

Use the following procedure to stop maintenance mode on a monitored object in System Center Essentials 2010.

To stop maintenance mode on a monitored object

  1. In the Essentials console, click the Monitoring button.

  2. In the Monitoring pane, expand Monitoring, and then click Computers.

  3. In the Computers pane, right-click the computer that you want to take out of maintenance mode, point to Maintenance Mode, and then click Stop Maintenance Mode.

  4. In the Maintenance Mode dialog box, do the following:

    • If you selected The selected objects and all their contained objects when you placed the computer into maintenance mode, select Remove contained objects and then click Yes.

    • If you selected Theselectedobjectsonly, clear Removecontainedobjects and then click Yes.

  5. In the Computers pane, the maintenance mode icon disappears from the Maintenance Mode column for the computer you selected.

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