System Center Essentials 2010 Glossary

Applies To: System Center Essentials 2010

Term Definition


The process by which an update or a software package is configured for deployment to one or more groups of computers.


In Essentials virtualization management, the process of creating a new Essentials virtual machine from a VMware virtual machine or from a virtual hard disk (.vhd) file.

library folder

A folder on the Essentials management server that contains ISO images and virtual hard disks (VHD) that you can use to create virtual machines.

management pack

A container for a set of logic for monitoring or managing a device, application, or service.

Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)

A feature that uses performance and health data provided by specially designed management packs (called PRO-enabled management packs) to associate specific alerts to remediation actions that can be implemented automatically or manually in System Center Essentials to return the virtualized environment to a healthy state.

Performance and Resource Optimization-enabled management pack

A specially designed type of management pack in System Center Operations Manager 2007 that associates specific alerts with resolutions that can be implemented automatically in System Center Essentials.

PRO tip

A recommendation provided by a PRO-enabled management pack that can be implemented automatically or manually to optimize performance or reduce downtime for workloads running in virtualized environments. See Also: Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)


A point-in-time image of a virtual machine that enables an administrator to roll the virtual machine back to its state at the moment when the snapshot was created.


During Setup, the process whereby the catalog of available updates is downloaded to the computer on which Essentials is being installed. During operations that use Essentials, the process whereby updates that meet the criteria of product, classification, and language are downloaded to be approved and deployed.


A library resource in System Center Essentials that contains hardware specifications (such as memory, network adapters, and DVD drives) that can be applied to a new virtual machine.

virtual machine host

A physical computer that is running virtualization software, such as Hyper-V, on which virtual machines can be deployed.