About Opalis Integration Server

Applies To: Opalis 6.2.2

This document provides an overview of the Opalis Integration Server product. The Opalis Integration Server product contains the following components:

Opalis Component Description

Action Server

The engine that runs Opalis policies. Action Servers communicate with the Opalis Datastore. Action Servers do not require a Management Server to be online to run Opalis policies. You can deploy a single Action Server or multiple ones.

Management Server

The server that provides connectivity from Integration Server Clients to the Opalis Datastore for building and testing policies. The Self-Monitoring functionality and Deployment Manager are also installed with Management Server. Integration Packs, Clients, and Action Servers can be deployed from the computer running the Management Server.

Integration Server Client

The tool used by designers to create, modify, and deploy Opalis policies.

Operator Console

The Operator Console enables you to view which Opalis policies are currently running, view their real-time status, and start or stop them from a browser console interface.

Policy Testing Console

The tool used by designers to test Opalis policies that are developed in the Integration Server Client before they are deployed to an Action Server.

Opalis Datastore

The Opalis Datastore contains the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database where configuration information, Opalis policies, and logs are stored.

Deployment Manager

This tool enables you to view your entire Opalis Integration Server infrastructure and deploy Action Servers, Integration Server Clients, Integration Packs, and hotfixes from one place. For more information about this tool, see the Opalis Integration Server Deployment Manager Help.

Self-Monitoring Service

This service monitors for Opalis policies that have not started and sends an event if one is detected.