Multi-Forest Monitoring

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007, Windows Server 2012

The ADMP supports the monitoring of forests in addition to the forest where Operations Manager and the management pack are installed. You can deploy agents to remote forests. The management pack will gather health and performance data for the remote forest according to the view of the domain controller where the agent is installed.

Monitoring of domain controllers in remote forests is nearly identical to the monitoring done of domain controllers in the local forest.


All multiple forest monitoring scenarios, events, alerts, and performance data collections are fully supported in this release. Topology views automatically discover all forests that have two-way transitive trusts with the local forest. However, cross-forest monitoring of a forest that is not fully trusted is not supported.

Multi-forest discovery consist of two workflows:

  1. Microsoft.AD.Topology.Discovery

  2. Microsoft.AD.Remote.Topology.Discovery

Microsoft.AD.Topology.Discovery is the major workflow for multi-forest discovery, and it is defined in

This workflow runs on the Root Management Server (RMS) and discovers Active Directory instances such as forests, domains, sites, sitelinks, and domain controller computers in addition to relationships between those instances that are spread over different forests with two-way transitive trust.


Because the RMS submits discovery data, it is required to enable the proxy at the RMS.

The other workflow, Microsoft.AD.Remote.Topology.Discovery, is defined in each version of discovery management pack (that is, Microsoft.Windows.Server.AD.[version].Discovery.MP) and runs on each of the domain controllers with Operations Manager agents deployed.

The major task of the Microsoft.AD.Remote.Topology.Discovery workflow is to discover connection objects. Also in this workflow, the proxy must be enabled (as described in Enable the AgentProxySetting on All Domain Controllers) at each of the agents to complete discovery data submission.

The two workflows are configured to run once a day.


There are no recommended configuration settings for this scenario.