Using Infrastructure Servers in VMM


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

As of System Center 2012 R2, you can add infrastructure servers to Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), that is, servers that support services such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Operations Manager, Service Manager, and so on. In VMM, these servers are listed under the role of Infrastructure. Adding infrastructure servers can make it easier to keep them updated.


All managed servers must be running Windows Server 2012 R2.

You can perform the following procedures on infrastructure servers:

  • Create baselines for infrastructure nodes using existing VMM baseline tools and processes.

  • Apply baselines to all infrastructure nodes once they are added as managed computers.

  • View compliance status of infrastructure nodes after baselines have been applied.

  • Orchestrate remediation to the infrastructure nodes using existing baseline tools and procedures.

In This Section

Follow these procedures to when using infrastructure servers in VMM.

Procedure Description
How to View Infrastructure Servers Describes how to view a list of infrastructure servers.
How to Add an Infrastructure Server to VMM Describes how to add an infrastructure server.
How to Remove an Infrastructure Server from VMM Describes how to remove an infrastructure server.
How to View the Properties of an Infrastructure Server in VMM Describes how to view the properties of an infrastructure server.