Troubleshoot workgroup and untrusted domain protection


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

The following error codes can be generated by SetDpmSnerver.exe on a workgroup computer. These error codes display message that provides information or notifies you of a problem.

Some error messages contain placeholder text, such as <AccountName>. The placeholder text indicates a value that SetDpmServer.exe provides in the actual error message.

Error Codes Error Messages
ID 32692 Please make sure that you have administrator privileges on this computer and are running this program from an elevated command prompt.
ID 32693 User account <Account Name> already exists on this computer. Please provide a different user account name.
ID 32694 The password provided does not meet the security guidelines. Please retry with a different password.
ID 32695 Passwords did not match.
ID 32696 This server is not configured to be protected as a workgroup server.
ID 32697 The specified DNS suffix is incorrect.
ID 32698 The DPM server name is not a fully qualified domain name. If you have specified ProductionServerDnsSuffix and want to use the fully qualified domain name of this server, you must also specify the fully qualified domain name for the DPM server.
ID 32699 The ForceGuest value must be disabled in order to protect this computer. Disable the ForceGuest setting and then retry this operation. For more information about how to disable the ForceGuest value, please see How to Disable ForceGuest in Windows XP (
ID 32700 The user name specified conflicts with the NETBIOS name of the DPM server or protected computer. Please specify a different user name.
ID 32701 This server does not have a fully qualified domain name. You must specify one of the following:

- The NETBIOS name for the DPM server.
- This server's DNS suffix in the productionserverdnssuffix parameter. Do this if you want to use the fully qualified domain name of the DPM server.