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  • Blog Tales: Blogging Is Only the Beginning
    Betsy Aoki - March • April 2006
    A while back, a TechNet editor asked me to convert my stunningly successful, teeth-gleaming, world-wide TechEd presentation (well, Europe and Australia) about Microsoft employee blogging into an article for TechNet Magazine.

  • Blog Tales: Introduction to Excel XML
    Brian Jones - January • February 2006
    With the soon-to-be released next version of Microsoft® Office (currently code-named "Office 12"), there will be new default file formats for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel®. These new formats, called the Microsoft Office Open XML Formats, will open up a whole new world to Office developers.

  • Blog Tales: A Guide To Public Folder Tools
    Bill Long - Spring 2005
    Are you an Exchange Server op who's confused by different public folder tools? With all the various public folder tools out there, it can be difficult to remember what each tool can be used for. Let's straighten it all out now.