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  • System Center: New Software Update Management Tools
    Steve Rachui - October 2007
    With System Center Configuration Manager 2007, you'll find a completely new mechanism for dealing with update management that ensures better compliance and enforcement on each client. Learn how this improved approach can help you get all of your machines up-to-date.

  • System Center: Deploy Apps and Updates to Your Branch Offices
    Steve Rachui - August 2007
    Branch distribution points, one of the new features in Configuration Manager 2007, might appear at first to be a fairly minor addition. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find that it offers new, indispensible capabilities for managing software distribution to branch offices.

  • Management: Deploying Custom Software Updates with SMS 2003 R2
    Steve Rachui - April 2007
    Systems Management Server 2003 R2 lets you use managedupdate features to deploy custom updates. Explore two new tools—the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates and the Custom Updates Publishing Tool—and see how they can help you deploy your own updates as well as updates from thirdparty developers.

  • Patch Management: Next-Generation Patch Management: Introducing Windows Server Update Services
    Jason Leznek - November • December 2005
    Vulnerability assessment and remediation can be a time-consuming task. However, it’s an important one that every company, big and small, needs to focus attention on. As the

  • Patch Management: A Hands-On Guide to Hands-Off Updates with WSUS
    Jeremy Moskowitz - November • December 2005
    An essential, though sometimes time-consuming, task for protecting your computing environment is to keep systems current with the latest software updates and patches. To help streamline this process, Microsoft recently released

  • Patch Management: Maximize the Power of SMS with New Tools for Managing Updates
    Bob Lawler - November • December 2005

  • Utility Spotlight: RunUpdates.cmd
    Joshua Hoffman - November • December 2005
    A great deal of time is often invested in determining the best ways to keep an infrastructure current, and rightfully so. In this month’s Utility Spotlight I take a look at a great way to make sure that desktops are as current as possible from the day they are deployed.