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  • System Center: Real Control with Virtual Machine Manager 2007
    Edwin Yuen - January 2008
    Virtualization allows organizations to consolidate resources and save money. But as you begin to implement increasing numbers of virtual machines, you'll want a convenient way to manage them. Here's a guide to setting up Virtual Machine Manager and using it to perform administrative tasks from a centralized interface.

  • The Desktop Files: Deploying Windows in a Virtual World
    Wes Miller - December 2007
    Thinking about virtualization? If not, you should be. Find out what you need to know to deploy virtual systems, what to avoid, and how virtualization works under the covers.

  • Utility Spotlight: Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus
    Matthijs ten Seldam - October 2007
    The Virtual Server 2005 interface is a Web application, offering the conveniences of Web-based management. But sometimes you want a rich UI that behaves like a Windows application.VMRCplus gives you an alternative UI that offers easy configuration management and remote control of virtual machines, all from within a single application.

  • System Center: Take Your Apps Virtual with Microsoft SoftGrid
    Ahmer Sabri and Kedar Shah - August 2007
    Virtualized applications offer numerous benefits, from improved user experience to simplified system administration. Get a detailed overview of how Microsoft SoftGrid delivers virtual applications, how it can fit into your infrastructure, and how it can save your company time and money.

  • Virtual Server 2005: Do More With Less: Exploring Virtual Server 2005
    Anil Desai - March • April 2006