TechNet UpdateNew Benefits Deliver More Value to TechNet Plus Subscribers!

UPDATE: Be sure to check-out the latest TechNet Subscriptions benefits.

No more time-bombed software!

Full-version software will replace time-bombed software to provide more flexibility to TechNet Plus 2.0 subscribers conducting evaluations. This enhancement supplies you with a cost-effective solution for trying the latest Microsoft technologies.

TechNet Plus 2.0 subscribers receive beta software automatically so that they can spend more time cultivating skills on upcoming Microsoft products. Keeping new software skills fresh and up to date gives you a competitive advantage when you're creating cutting-edge solutions.

Enhanced technical support options

TechNet Plus 2.0 provides a range of support choices to help solve technical problems fast. The improved TechNet support offering has been developed in response to customer feedback, highlighting the Microsoft commitment to addressing customer needs. New TechNet Plus 2.0 subscriber support benefits include:

  • Complimentary technical support incidents to help you save time resolving mission-critical issues. Two complimentary phone or online support incidents included with each TechNet Plus 2.0 subscription deliver access to a team of world-class professionals who will help provide the best solution possible.
  • Discounted professional phone incidents for supported Microsoft software will also be available to TechNet Plus 2.0 subscribers to ensure that there is a resource available to address your technical questions.
  • Unlimited technical assistance in managed newsgroups.

TechNet Plus 2.0 subscribers will get enhanced levels of service in Managed Newsgroups by guaranteeing a next business day response in more than 90 IT-related public newsgroups. This service allows you to tap the vast pool of knowledge and experience Microsoft support professionals have to offer. You can browse other posts and exchange information with peers and members of the Microsoft MVP community. Or, you can even post a question and receive an answer tailored to your specific problem.

More learning resources

TechNet subscriptions will include even more resources to help you sharpen your skills and find answers to questions about Microsoft technologies. Whether you like to install an application and just start using it, tinker in a virtual lab environment, or search through a library of online books, TechNet Plus 2.0 provides the resources to help you hone your skills and be successful with Microsoft technologies.

Updates on CD or DVD every month

Security bulletins, updates, and hotfixes will be delivered on CD or DVD every month to ensure you have vital security resources at your fingertips regardless of Web connectivity or other constraints. This gives you the flexibility to proactively install the latest fixes every month and so you rest assured that the most current security bulletins and updates are always available.

These new benefits will be available beginning in November 2004. For more information on the TechNet subscription, visit TechNet Subscriptions.

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