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TECHNET MAGAZINE IS MORE than just this fabulous publication you hold in your hands today. Our team has been working furiously to create an innovative new Web site that will make our content accessible to more than a billion people around the world. Beginning with the November issue, every article will be available online in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. By adding six additional languages (we were already online in English, you know), we increase the number of people who can use our content in their native tongue by over 1.6 billion. That’s incredible!

As if this weren’t enough, we’ve added a passel of features to make the site more usable. Our new customizable RSS feeds let you select our content by date, column, author, or topic. You can even mix and match. Visit to start creating your own feeds today.

We’re also introducing new topic pages. If you want to read all about what IT pros need to do to get ready for Windows Vista, just go to If you’re a postmaster, you should definitely check out We’ve got 32 topics of interest at, with more to come. (As of November, we had 43 articles on security waiting patiently for your attention.)

And that’s not all. Now you can get even further insight into the magazine and the world of the IT pro. Joshua Hoffman, TechNet Magazine’s technical and acquisitions editor, runs the magazine’s blog at And I host a monthly podcast on our site, at In each installment, I’ll be talking to the people who write the articles you read, going beyond the words to explain the why behind the piece. You’ll love hearing our top authors talk about their articles and the work they do.

We’re going all out to make TechNet Magazine the most useful resource on earth for IT pros. It’s been a good 2006, but we’d like to hear what else we could do for you. If you have any comments, drop us a line! Our editorial hotline is The suggestion box is always open.


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