TechNet Magazine: April 2013

dn151050(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Tailor the message

By Lafe Low

Tailoring the message is not just an issue for internal communications. You must also ensure your public-facing message meets your audience in the best way possible. By using some of the tools in SharePoint, you can craft your message to suit a particular audience or multiple audiences, and have content custom-delivered to those you know are seeking a particular message.

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Utility Spotlight:
Build your own Internet Explorer 10 installation

By Lance Whitney

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 can help you create and configure your own customized build of Internet Explorer 10.

Windows Confidential:
The feature battle

By Raymond Chen

When you’re redesigning a feature from scratch, every old feature becomes a new feature request.

New Products for IT Professionals

By Greg Steen

This month’s tools help you aggregate application logs, emulate the old Windows 7 interface on your desktops and check SQL Server fragmentation levels.

Windows PowerShell:
PowerShell scripts versus PowerShell workflows

By Don Jones

Each month this year, Don Jones will present an installment in a 12-part tutorial on Windows PowerShell Workflow. We encourage you to read through the series in order, beginning with the January 2013 column.

Exchange Queue & A:
The new face of Exchange

By Henrik Walther

There are several considerations when upgrading to the new Exchange 2013, whether the on-premises or online version.

Geek of All Trades:
Meter your zombie applications

By Greg Shields

Clearing zombie applications from your environment isn’t unlike what you see heroes doing in the movies, but you need the right tools.