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Editor's Note: Choose your Upgrade

Let's talk about upgrade plans! Windows 7 is undoubtedly one of the most polished Microsoft client OSes to hit the market in years.
by Jeff James

System Center Configuration Manager: SQL Server Reporting Services and System Center Configuration Manager

Combining SQL Server Reporting Services with System Center Configuration Manager creates a flexible and powerful reporting solution.
by Steve Rachui

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: Using MDT and Single-Instance Storage

Are multiple and conflicting deployment images giving you a headache? Read this article to learn how to manage and consolidate multiple custom deployment images!
by Joe Fox


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Inside SharePoint: Using Kerberos for SharePoint Authentication

Kerberos is one of the more popular authentication options in the enterprise. Read this article to see how to get the most out of Kerberos in a SharePoint environment.
by Pav Cherny

Windows PowerShell: Windows PowerShell 2.0 Brings Scripting to ActiveDirectory

PowerShell is favorite admin option for many IT pros, and PowerShell v2 makes it even more useful by bring PowerShell scripting to Active Directory.
by Don Jones

Geek of All Trades: Tape Is Dead! LongLive Tape!

Data Protection Manager offers powerful new ways to manage your legacy tape storage and backup systems. Read on to find out how.
by Greg Shields

ee914604(v=msdn.10).mdWindows Confidential: What Happened to the File Types Dialog?

In the days of Windows 95, a Folder Options property sheet called File Types listed all the registered file types and their associated verbs. What ever happened to that guy?
by Raymond Chen

ee914613(v=msdn.10).mdUtility Spotlight: Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft's newest security product provides a  simple, straightforward security solution that could be ideal for small businesses and home office PCs.
by Lance Whitney

ee914612(v=msdn.10).mdSQL Q&A: Corruption Recovery Tips, Database Shrinkage Advice and More

In this installment of SQL Q&A we take a look at some database recovery tips, database shrinkage advice, and discuss DBCC CHECKDB usage.
by Paul S. Randal

ee914606(v=msdn.10).mdThe Cable Guy: End-to-End WAN Optimization with BranchCache

Get the most out of those branch offices with BranchCache, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2.
by Joseph Davies