Tip: Use Cmdlets to Configure Load-Balanced Arrays in Exchange Server 2010

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The Exchange Management Shell includes several cmdlets you can use to register arrays in Active Directory and in this way tell Exchange about load-balanced arrays you’ve set up for Client Access servers. Here is a look at the cmdlets you can use.

Get-ClientAccessArray Lists information about available or specified Client Access Arrays.
Usage: Get-ClientAccessArray [-Identity ArrayIdentity][-DomainController FullyQualifiedName] [-Site SiteId]

New-ClientAccessArray Creates an object in Active Directory that represents a load-balanced array of CAS servers in a specific Active Directory site.
Usage: New-ClientAccessArray -Name ArrayName -Fqdn ExternalArrayName -Site SiteId [-DomainController FullyQualifiedName]

Set-ClientAccessArray Specifies information about a named Client Access array.
Usage: Set-ClientAccessArray -Identity ArrayIdentity [-Name Name][-Fqdn ExternalArrayName] [-Site SiteId] [-DomainController FullyQualifiedName]

Remove-ClientAccessArray Removes a Client Access array from Active Directory.
Usage: Remove-ClientAccessArray -Identity ArrayIdentity [-DomainController FullyQualifiedName]

From the Microsoft Press book Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by William R. Stanek.