TechNet Magazine: October 2011

hh475856(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: The Right Tool

By Lafe Low

Systems management is IT’s bread and butter. It’s the bulk of your job—the very essence of the profession. And, like any craftsman, you need the right tools.

The Microsoft System Center family is your toolbox—your Swiss Army Knife. System Center has a plethora of tools focused on unified management for both datacenter and desktop systems. The System Center toolbox currently includes a range of tools: Read more…



Utility Spotlight: Repair Your PC Infection
By Lance Whitney

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper can clean up your system after a virus infection and help you get back into Windows.

Windows Confidential: The Evolution of Sorting
By Raymond Chen

The development of sorting algorithms in Windows Explorer has a long and slightly tangled history.

Exchange Queue & A: Exchange Is Always Changing
By Henrik Walther

Whether you’re changing default calendar days, datacenter endpoints or redirecting servers, you always have to be ready to make changes to Exchange.

Windows PowerShell: Whitespace, Please
By Don Jones

Proper formatting, including a little whitespace here and there, can make your Windows PowerShell commands a heck of a lot easier to understand.

Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals
By Greg Steen

These tools can help you monitor and report on server availability, seamlessly switch keyboard and mouse input between systems, and measure bandwidth.

Geek of All Trades: Certificates Made Easy
By Greg Shields

Setting up your own mechanism for generating security certificates is nowhere near as complicated as many seem to think.