TechNet Magazine: December 2011

hh641409(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Get the Max

By Lafe Low

Do more with less—this phrase has evolved from an impassioned mantra to a full-on mandate. As budgets and staff levels remain stagnant or shrink, it’s more than ever incumbent upon IT to step up and get the absolute maximum value out of your IT investments. When it comes to getting the most out of Windows 7, you have a handful of tools at your disposal.
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Windows Confidential:
Watch What You Say

By Raymond Chen

If you don’t want to see it in print, don’t say it. This is particularly true when it comes to talking about new releases of Windows.

New Products for IT Professionals

By Greg Steen

This month’s tools help you with two perennial IT tasks: managing SQL Server and automating network inventory.

Exchange Queue & A:
Across the Forest

By Henrik Walther

Sharing mailboxes and data across forests is possible, but it requires some fancy configuration footwork.

Utility Spotlight
Secure Access, Secure Your Systems

By Lance Whitney

The free AccessChk utility can you help ensure your desktop systems are as secure as possible by cross-referencing access rights.

Windows PowerShell:
Meet the New Shell

By Don Jones

If you haven't seen the new Windows PowerShell version 3 yet, you should make a point to check it out.

Geek of All Trades:
The USMT Is Your Friend

By Greg Shields

Even User State Migration Tool haters might want to revisit this helpful solution for automating OS migrations and bringing along all the user settings.