TechNet Magazine: February 2013

jj937193(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Death, taxes and upgrades

By Lafe Low

You can expect major upgrades to most of the major Microsoft solution platforms this year. With upgrades come increased functions and capabilities, but often also a slight learning curve. There will be new features. There will be old features presented in new ways. There might be compatibility issues, although these are much less significant than they once were.

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New products for IT professionals

By Greg Steen

This month’s troika of products lets you beef up your firewall security, visualize SQL task automation and test HTTP services.


Windows Confidential:
Signs your project is doomed

By Raymond Chen

When your own upper management can’t even accurately describe your project, you know you’re doomed.

Utility Spotlight:
Scan your PCs for malware

By Lance Whitney

The Microsoft Safety Scanner can detect and remove malware when your standard antivirus software doesn’t do the job.


Windows PowerShell:
The Windows PowerShell Workflow environment

By Don Jones

Each month this year, Don Jones will present an installment in a 12-part tutorial on Windows PowerShell Workflow. We encourage you to read through the series in order, beginning with the January 2013 column.

Geek of All Trades:
Complete automation for service requests

By Greg Shields

System Center Service Manager 2012 can handle automating the process of managing service requests.