Setup Wizard: Before You Begin page

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

This wizard helps you install Microsoft® Forefront™ Client Security in a one-server or multiple-server topology. To install Client Security on a server or group of servers, you must have local administrator privileges on each computer.

Before you begin, you must do the following:

  • Choose which topology you want to install.

  • Verify your hardware and software requirements for your Client Security servers and your client computers.

  • Prepare your network.

  • Create the appropriate service accounts.

  • Install the appropriate software prerequisites on all the servers and client computers.

When installing Client Security, you must follow a specific order of installation based on the topology.

For detailed information about system requirements, prerequisite software, service accounts, and the order of installation, see the Client Security Deployment Guide. If you have already chosen a topology to install, see the following sections in the Deployment Guide:

For help with choosing a topology and to learn more about Client Security, see the Client Security Planning and Architecture Guide.