Shares check

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

The Shares SSA check determines whether there are any shared folders on the scanned computer. Microsoft Windows operating systems allow users to share files with other users. However, if a share is not protected properly, unauthorized users might be able to access the information in the share. SSA-related reports list all shares found on scanned computers, including Administrative shares, along with their share-level and NTFS-level permissions.

Resolutions for potentially unacceptable scores

It is recommend that you review the list of shares on the scanned computer and remove any shares that are not needed. For shares that are needed, review the share permissions to ensure that access is limited to authorized users only, and not shared to everyone.

Scoring and results

This check generates scores on two levels:

  • Overall

  • Per share

Overall scoring

The following table shows how Client Security determines the overall score resulting from assessing the shares on the scanned computer.

Score Number of shares Results message


At least 1

Number of shares present on this computer: number.



No shares are present on this computer.

Per share scoring

The following table shows how Client Security scores each share on the scanned computer.

Score Results message


Caption: Caption, Share Name: Name, Path: Path.