MOM 2005 and SQL Server 2005 logs

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

MOM and SQL Server generate log files that can be useful during Client Security troubleshooting.

MOM logging and tracing

Client Security utilizes the management capabilities of MOM for malware alerts, events associated with scanning, and management of agent systems. All tasks that are sent from the MOM server on behalf of Client Security are run as scripts.

The default installation of the Client Security instance of MOM does not have tracing enabled on either the management server or the agent systems. When Client Security tasks and scripts fail to run properly, enabling tracing is a valuable step in troubleshooting. Tracing must be enabled on both the Client Security agent and on the management server.

For more information about enabling tracing for MOM agents, see Enabling Script Debugging ( and Enabling Tracing (

For general information about MOM tracing and log files, see Using Tracing and Log Files (

SQL Server 2005 logging and tracing

The SQL Server Profiler, installed with the Workstation components in a SQL Server installation, is a graphical interface for SQL Server trace files. For more information about SQL Server Profiler, see Introducing SQL Server Profiler (

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services generates trace logs that can contain valuable information to help determine why reports may not be generating correctly. For more information about SQL Server Reporting Services tracing, see Reporting Services Trace Logs (