Securing client computers

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Client computers run the following applications:

  • Client Security Antimalware service, known as the Client Security agent

  • Client Security State Assessment service

  • MOMĀ 2005 agent

Controlling the Client Security agent

Client Security enables you to determine how much control end users have of the behavior of the Client Security agent. The most secure settings disallow users from changing any behavior of the Client Security agent; however, this may be undesirable in your organization.

It is recommended that you review the policy-based support for controlling users' experience of the Client Security agent and decide how much control to grant end users. For more information, see Controlling the end-user experience (

Connection security

Client computers use the connections summarized in the following table.

Component Connection to Topologies

Client computer (MOM agent)

Collection server


Client computer

Distribution server or Microsoft Update


Client computer

Reporting server


For information about the connections between client computers and other Client Security components, see Securing connections.