Getting Started

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Microsoft® Forefront™ Client Security provides unified, easily managed malware protection for business desktops, laptops and server operating systems.

Client Security documentation

The Client Security product documentation is organized by content categories. You can use the top-level topics within each category to help find the topics you need when you are planning, installing, and administering your Client Security deployment.

Getting Started

Use this documentation to learn the major Client Security features, read answers to frequently asked questions, and get instructions about how to get assistance. The topics are designed to help users who are new to Client Security take a first look at how they can use it to help secure their environment.


Use this documentation as you install and deploy Client Security to your environment.


After deployment, use this documentation to learn about managing and maintaining the Client Security environment. Topics here include administration, disaster recovery, and performance and scalability.


Use this documentation to diagnose and resolve setup and operational failures or interruptions.

Security and Protection

Use this documentation to learn about creating and helping to secure a Client Security environment. This documentation discusses potential threats to each component of the Client Security infrastructure and makes recommendations for reducing those threats.

Technical Reference

Use this documentation to learn about Client Security components and how you can use them to more effectively manage and troubleshoot Client Security.