Setup Wizard: Completing Setup page

Applies To: Forefront Client Security

Use this wizard page to verify that you have successfully installed Client Security. If you receive a warning or error, see the following resources for more information:

  • Setup log file (to view, click View Log). For more information about the setup log file, see "Log files" in the Client Security Troubleshooting Guide.

  • For more information on troubleshooting setup errors, see "Troubleshooting installation" in the Troubleshooting Guide.

If you receive an error, you cannot continue installing Client Security.

Next steps

If you are installing a multiple-server topology, make sure you have installed Client Security on all the appropriate servers and in the correct order.

Once you have finished installing Client Security, you must run the Configuration wizard from the Client Security console on the management server to finish setting up Client Security. After that, you can deploy policies and Client Security to the client computers. For more information, see the Client Security Deployment Guide.