Chapter 13 — Operation

Published: June 21, 2004 | Updated: October 29, 2004

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Post-Migration Operation

This chapter provides links to guidance for database administrators and database support personnel on the operation of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 in your organization. Your requirements may vary based on the specific implementation and deployment of SQL Server in your environment.

Note The information in this chapter is intended for IT professionals competent in matters of database support and critical areas of database administration. Training may be necessary for anyone to carry out the tasks and procedures described here or in reference documents. This guidance does not dictate support policies for your organization and the subjects discussed do not address all of the potential issues that can arise in support of a database enterprise environment.

The following links provide conceptual content of particular relevance to operations:

The links to content associated with logical elements of the production environment contain largely procedural information. The following links contain day-to-day operations-oriented content.


The Sybase platform from which you are migrating may have methods already established for performing routine system operations such as backup and restore. In that case, the information made available through these Web links should assist you in identifying and understanding parallels for those methods in the SQL Server environment.

It is likely that many of your existing Sybase maintenance methods and procedures are based on UNIX scripts. Some information in this chapter presents opportunities for you to use these existing UNIX scripting methods by editing the scripts to call the equivalent commands from SQL Server or by using support tools such as Windows Services for UNIX 3.5, which may require only minor changes to the scripts. This script reuse methodology is a powerful way to use existing methodologies during migration and often for ongoing operations. For more complete information about UNIX scripting and migration, consult the UNIX Application Migration Guide. For detailed information about the features of Windows Services for UNIX, see

The standard framework for presenting Microsoft operations-related guidance is the Microsoft Operations Frameworks (MOF). The cited references may refer to concepts on which the framework is based, such as conceptual and logical elements of a system. For an introduction to the underlying principles of MOF, see the MOF Executive Overview white paper on the Microsoft TechNet Web site at Information about MOF in the context of operations is also available in Chapter 1 of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Operations Guide.

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For information about TechNet and viewing the MSDN library, see:


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