Restart IIS

The following procedure describes how to restart IIS on a member. You can also restart IIS from the command line, the IIS snap-in, or Services.

To restart IIS

  1. In the Application Center snap-in, right-click the member on which to restart IIS.

  2. On the pop-up menu, point to All Tasks, and then click Restart IIS.

  3. Click OK to confirm restart of IIS.

    Application Center restarts IIS immediately.

Bb734873.caution(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Caution   Restarting IIS terminates all existing connections. Users will not be able to use the member to access any Web sites while IIS is restarting.

  • For more information about promoting a member to controller, see Select Another Controller.

  • For more information about restarting IIS and starting, stopping, or pausing Web sites, see the IIS Help.

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