September 2007 Documentation Update Notes


New Content

The following topics are new:

  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles

    • Analyzer Search Warning

    • Forefront Security for Exchange Server Upgrade Required

    • IIS 7 Component Not Installed

    • Invalid Recipient Update Service Server Designated

    • PageFile Size Larger Than Total Physical Memory

    • Send Connector Disabled

    • Update for Daylight Saving Time Available

Updated Content

The following topics have been updated in the past month:

  • Exchange Server Analyzer articles

    • 32-bit compatibility warning

    • ADAM is not installed on the Local Computer (Windows Server 2008)

    • Consider multiple offline address book replicas

    • IIS 6 Compatibility Components Not Installed

    • IMAP4 MaxBufferSize value has been changed

    • IMAP4 MaxBufferSize value is too high

    • IMAP4 MaxBufferSize value is too low

    • Service Principal Name Missing

    • This server has 1 GB or more of physical memory and HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold has not been set to 262144