Configuring the Manual Scan Job


Applies to: Forefront Security for SharePoint

Forefront Security for SharePoint enables you to customize the Manual Scan Job to scan newly added document libraries or to perform periodic scans of the entire environment. The Manual Scan Job is also useful for scanning with a third-party engine that is different from those being used by the Realtime Scan Job. It is recommended that you run a full manual scan after installing Forefront Security for SharePoint for the first time.

Configure the Manual Scan Job with the Scan Job Settings and Antivirus Settings work panes.

To configure the scan job settings for the Manual Scan Job

  1. In the SETTINGS section of the Shuttle Navigator, select Scan Job. The Scan Job Settings work pane appears.

  2. In the top portion of the Scan Job Settings work pane, select the Manual Scan Job.

  3. Using the tree view in the bottom pane, select the document libraries to be scanned.

    Forefront Security for SharePoint offers complete flexibility in choosing which document libraries to scan in any scan job. You can configure scan jobs to include all existing document libraries, or you can build an inclusion list from available document libraries.

    Use the tree view to locate folders and files for scanning. The tree displays all the sites, folders, and files for the currently connected SharePoint server.

    You can select any sites, folders, or files to be manually scanned by expanding the branches of the tree and checking specific ones, or by using the buttons beneath the tree view:

    • All   Select all the files or folders displayed in the tree.
    • None   Clear all the files or folders displayed in the tree.
    • Find   Search for a particular folder or file.
    • Browse   Open a selected folder in the Web browser (to visually check that it is the one you want to manually scan).
    • Refresh   Update the tree.
  4. Configure the engines for the scan. (For details, see Antivirus settings for scan jobs.)