Local Host network properties

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Local Host Network Properties

The Local Host network represents the Forefront TMG firewall. It includes all IP addresses bound to all network adapters on the Forefront TMG computer. You do not explicitly define IP addresses on this network. Addresses are added automatically as they are defined on network adapters, including any wide area network (WAN) adapters that are created for VPN connections. Unlike other networks, addresses in the Local Host network are not mutually exclusive. In other words, addresses in the Local Host network will also exist in other networks.

All traffic that comes from the Forefront TMG firewall, and explicitly to the firewall, is considered to have passed by way of the Local Host network. During installation, a network rule is created to route traffic between the Local Host network and all other networks. You cannot manually modify or delete the Local Host network.

Network Properties

You can configure the following properties on the Local Host network.

Property Details

Enable Web Proxy client connections

Enables a Web proxy listener for the Local Host network. It is not used to allow internal clients to access the Internet. It is only used to allow applications running on the Forefront TMG computer (such as a browser), to act as a Web proxy client. For example, to allow Internet access from the Forefront TMG computer.

Enable HTTP

Allows HTTP Web proxy traffic from the Forefront TMG computer

Enable HTTPS

Allows HTTPS Web proxy traffic from the Forefront TMG computer

Configure authentication methods

Specifies how the application acting as a Web proxy client should authenticate to Forefront TMG.


Specifies the maximum concurrent client Web proxy connections allowed from the Forefront TMG computer.