Migrate the Exchange Server Mailboxes

In this task, you manually move users’ mailboxes to the Messaging Server. If you are migrating from an existing Exchange Server environment, you can also replicate public folders and move the offline address-book generation process to Windows EBS.

Before you migrate Exchange Server to Windows EBS, you must complete the following tasks:


If your environment already includes Exchange Server, you must still migrate it to take full advantage of the integrated security and monitoring features in Windows EBS. Your existing servers will continue to function in the Exchange Server organization, but certain roles and features must be handled by Windows EBS.


You can perform this migration during a normal business day. The migration does not interrupt the flow of e-mail, and users are automatically reconnected to Exchange Server after their mailboxes are moved.

For instructions about how to migrate Exchange Server from several different environments to Windows EBS, see the whitepaper at the Microsoft Web site (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=95822).