Display information for current day

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To see time-sensitive information, create aview of alist,document library, ordiscussion board that shows only items changed on the current day.

  1. On the page that displays the list, document library, or discussion board, click Modify settings and columns .

  2. In the Views section, do one of the following:

Change an existing view

  • Click the name of the view in the View (click to edit) column.

Create a view

  1. Click Create a new view .

  2. Click the type of view you want to create.

  3. In the Name section, type a name for the view.

  4. If youwant the new view to be the default view, select the Make this the default view check box.

  • In the Filter section, click Show items only when the following is true .

  • Complete the Show the items when column statement by clicking Modified in the first box, clicking is equal to in the second box, and typing [Today] in the third box.

    You can change this statement to filter on other columns and criteria. For more information about criteria you can use to filter information, see About computed and calculated columns .

  • Click OK .