System requirements

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Before you install Microsoft onyour Web server, make sure thatyou have installed the required hardware and software.

Web server hardware requirements

Hardwarerequirements for your Web server vary depending on the operating system youuse. The following table describes the hardware requirements for the supportedoperating systems.

Operating system

Requirements for single server

Requirementsfor server farm installation

Microsoft , Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Datacenter Edition, or Web Edition

Same as requirements for Windows Server 2003

Pentium CPU/550 MHZ

1 CPU (2 recommended)

512 MB RAM

Note: requires the NTFS file system.

Software requirements

To run , youmust first install the following software on your server:

  • Microsoft Standard, Enterprise,Datacenter, or Web Edition, configured as a Web server (running InternetInformation Services 6.0 in IIS 6.0 worker process isolation mode) and runningASP.NET. For more information about installing and configuring IIS and ASP.NET,see the documentation.

  • MicrosoftInternet Explorer 5.01 or later (best results with Microsoft Internet Explorer5.5 or later).


    Netscape Navigator version 6.2 orlater.

Database requirements

In addition to the operating system and Web server software, you mustalso have a database installed on your server (or on a separate server) to run. The following databases are supported:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Service Pack 3

  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services SQL Server 2000 DesktopEngine (Windows) (WMSDE)

Note: If you do not haveSQL Server installed on yourserver, WMSDE is installed automatically when you install . If you areusing the command-line interface to install , or are using a scriptto run the installation, you can specify a separate server to use for yourdatabase.

Browser and client requirements

AnyWindows, Macintosh, or UNIX client can use features, providing theclient runs the following software:

  • MicrosoftInternet Explorer 5.01 or later (best results with Microsoft Internet Explorer5.5 or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 or later for Macintosh, orNetscape Navigator version 6.2 or later.

  • A client program, such asMicrosoft (required if the user contributes documents to a Website, but not necessary for browsing).