Enabling Full-Text Search

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The Internet Platform and Operations group took advantage of theway Windows SharePoint Services and SQL Server work together toenable full-text search for their sites.

Enable full-text search

  1. Start and enable full-text search service on the server runningSQL Server by completing the following steps:

    1. On each SQL Server computer, run the SQL Server 2000 Setupprogram.

    2. On the setup screen, click SQL Server 2000 Components, and thenclick Install Database Server.

    3. The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Installation Wizard opens.

    4. On the Welcome screen, click Next .

    5. On the Computer Name screen, select the computer type,and then click Next .

    6. On the Installation Selection panel, select Upgrade, remove, oradd components to an existing instance of SQL Server, and thenclick Next.

    7. On the Instance Name panel, clear the Default check box, and then in the Instance Name box, select yourSQL Server instance for Windows SharePoint Services and click Next .

    8. Select Add components to your existing installation, and thenclick Next.

    9. On the Select Components panel, in the Sub-Components list, select Full-Text Search , andthen click Next .

    10. Click Next again to begin the installation.

    11. Click Finish .

  2. Enable Windows SharePoint Services full-text search bycompleting the following steps:

    1. On each front-end Web server, click Start , point to All Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and thenclick SharePoint Central Administration .

    2. Under Component Configuration, click Configure full-textsearch.

    3. In the Search Settings section, select the Enable full-textsearch and index component check box.

    4. Click OK .