Creating a Public DNS Entry

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After setting up Windows SharePoint Services on your server farm, you must create a public DNS entry to map your public FQDN to the IP address for the public interface of your reverse proxy server.

For example, you could map to When a client attempts to connect to, it will ask the public DNS server what IP address corresponds to The public DNS server would then point it to, which should be the public IP address for your reverse proxy server. The client will then attempt to establish a connection to

If you are using Windows SharePoint Services in a multiple host names deployment (scalable hosting mode), you must be sure that a DNS mapping is created for each host name site you set up. To do so, create a unique public DNS entry for each host name site. For example:

Alternatively, you can create a wildcard public DNS entry so that all host names within your domain map to your proxy servers public interface IP address. For example:


For more information about creating a DNS entry or a wildcard DNS entry, see your DNS server documentation.