Encode without templates

If you want, you can set only encoding profiles and then encode your video without adding it to a template. The result will be a standard .wmv file that you can play back using standard media playback applications such as Windows Media Player.

Before you perform the following task, you should do both of the following:

  • Decide if you have to trim, crop, change the dimensions, or adjust the pixel aspect ratio of your video. For more information, see Resize video.

  • Set an encoding profile. You can either use a default profile or create a custom profile. For more information, see Define a default profile or Custom profiles.

To encode your video without adding a template

  1. Make sure that you have modified your video and set up the profiles for all the videos that you want to encode, as mentioned earlier.

  2. If you are ready to encode your video, in the Media Content panel, do one of the following:

    • To encode all the videos in the job, click Encode.

    • To encode only one video, right-click the video that you want to encode and, in the shortcut menu, click Encode Selected Item.

  3. If you want to pause the encode momentarily to perform other tasks, click Pause. Click Resume to restart the encode from the point it paused. Click Cancel encode to end the encode.

  4. If you want to return the video to its original state, on the Edit menu, click Reset Item.