The Transform filter

You can use the Transform tool to change the shape and perspective of your images. This tool is useful for correcting optical distortions such as converging verticals.

The Transform filter


To transform an image

  1. Select an image file.

  2. On the Window menu, click Image Editor.

  3. Click the Transform filter.

  4. In the Transform dialog box, choose a setting from the Constrain menu, according to the following descriptions:

    • **Perspective   **This setting lets you apply a one-point perspective to an item. To apply a vanishing point perspective along the horizontal or vertical axis, drag a corner handle along that axis. The opposite corner moves in tandem.

    • **Skew   **This setting lets you tilt or slant an object to one side while keeping all other sides fixed. Drag a corner handle to reposition just that handle. You can adjust all handles independent of moving others.

    • **Free   **This setting lets you apply skew and perspective transformations in one continuous operation.

  5. Drag one of the corner handles in the image. You can track the X and Y coordinates of the corresponding corners by watching the Offset value.

  6. To change the background color, click Pad Color.

  7. To remove all transformations, click Reset.