The Resize filter

You can use the Resize filter to reduce the size of an image. This tool works similarly to the Microsoft Expression Media batch file conversion utility, but includes some options for finer adjustment. Resizing an image with Expression Media does not affect the resolution of the original image.

The Resize filter


To resize an image

  1. Select an image file.

  2. On the Window menu, click Image Editor.

  3. Click the Resize filter.

  4. In the Resize dialog box, define the new width and height in the Target Size fields.

  5. Adjust how the image fits into the target size by selecting one of the following options from the Scaling Mode menu:

    • Scale to Fit   Scales the image proportionally to match the Target Size value.

    • Pin Larger   Scales the image with its larger side expanded or shrunk to fit the Target Size.

    • Pin Smaller   Scales the image with its smaller side expanded to fit the Target Size. This option fills the whole area, but your image might be cropped.

    • Fit Width   Scales the image based on the horizontal parameters of the Target Size. If you apply this to a vertical image, some of it might be cropped.

    • Fit Height   Scales the image based on the vertical parameters of the Target Size. If you apply this setting to a horizontal image, some of it might not be visible.

  6. If you want the image to conform to a specific size without being stretched, select the Enable Padding box and select a Pad Color. Padding is the space created when you choose a target size that is wider or taller than an existing image. When you select Enable Padding, Expression Media fills in the extra space with a color of your choice. If padding is not enabled, Expression Media resizes the image according to the scaling mode. This usually scales the image to fit the width or height.