Create a Silverlight 1.0 project

This page applies to Silverlight 1 projects only

You can create a Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project (or site) in Microsoft Expression Blend 2. A Silverlight 1.0 project is a collection of website files that use some of the features of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create rich interactive applications and media experiences for the web. Silverlight 1.0 projects that are created in Expression Blend 2 include a starting XAML file (Page.xaml), a default HTML file that loads the starting XAML file when opened in a browser, and supporting JavaScript files. You can edit all the files, and visually design the XAML files, in Expression Blend 2. For more information about Silverlight, see the Silverlight website.


You might notice that Silverlight video projects that are created in Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 include a project file and many JavaScript files. This is because Expression Encoder 2 generates code for the video player that appears in the project.

To create a Silverlight project in Expression Blend

  1. On the File menu in Expression Blend, click New Project.


  2. The New Project dialog box appears.


  3. Under Select a project type, select Silverlight 1.0 Site.

  4. Next to Name, enter a name for your Silverlight project.

  5. Next to Location, enter the path of your projects folder, or click the Browse button to select the folder by using the Browse for Folder dialog box.

  6. Click OK.

    A Silverlight 1.0 project is created and opened for editing in Expression Blend.


Because a Silverlight project is a website project, it cannot be created as a temporary project in memory. Instead, it must be created in a physical location. If an error message about temporary projects appears after you click OK, close the error message, and then, on the Tools menu, click Options, click the Project tab, and then select the Save new projects to the Expression Blend Projects folder (or a specified folder) check box. Afterwards, you will be able to create a Silverlight project.

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