Lock and hide layers

When you lock a layer, you prevent any object on that layer from being selected. Hiding a layer makes all the objects on that layer invisible, and therefore also prevents them from being selected or changed.

Locking or hiding layers

To lock a layer

  • In the Layers panel, click the Lock iconĀ Cc294772.b553394b-65c8-4b76-8526-5fdfe68fb2c4(en-us,Expression.30).png next to the name.


To unlock a layer, click the Cc294772.bc1d5d9e-0048-4d04-8efe-c9b571f71a64(en-us,Expression.30).png icon.


To lock or unlock multiple layers at once, drag the mouse vertically across the LockCc294772.b553394b-65c8-4b76-8526-5fdfe68fb2c4(en-us,Expression.30).png or UnlockCc294772.bc1d5d9e-0048-4d04-8efe-c9b571f71a64(en-us,Expression.30).png.

To hide or display a layer

  • In the Layers panel, click the Visibility iconĀ Cc294772.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png.


If you press ALT+click on a Lock icon Cc294772.b553394b-65c8-4b76-8526-5fdfe68fb2c4(en-us,Expression.30).png, Microsoft Expression Design locks all the layers except the layer you clicked, unless all the other layers are currently locked, in which case pressing ALT+click unlocks them all.

Similarly, you can toggle the visibility state of all the layers except one (making them all visible or all hidden) by pressing ALT+click on the layer's Visibility icon Cc294772.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png.


To show or hide multiple layers at once, drag the mouse vertically across the Visibility icon Cc294772.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png.