EditorZone control

The EditorZone control is one of the fundamental controls in the Web Parts control set. A key feature of Web Parts is the ability of end users to modify (or personalize) web pages according to their preferences, and save their personalized settings for future browser sessions. One aspect of modifying Web Parts pages includes editing; users can edit the appearance, layout, behavior, and other properties of the visible Web Part controls.

An EditorZone control becomes visible when a Web Parts page enters edit mode, and it makes available various EditorPart controls that can be used to personalize Web Part controls: AppearanceEditorPart control, LayoutEditorPart control, BehaviorEditorPart control, and PropertyGridEditorPart control. Use this zone to enable users to edit and personalize Web Parts controls on a page.

Every page to which you add a EditorZone control must also have a WebPartManager control. For more information see WebPartManager control.

To add a EditorZone control to a page

  • Drag the EditorZone control from the Toolbox task pane to your page.

After you have added an EditorZone control to your page, you can add AppearanceEditorPart, LayoutEditorPart, BehaviorEditorPart, and PropertyGridEditorPart controls to it.

For a full description of all EditorZone control properties, see EditorZonein the MSDN library.