Change the type of camera

This page applies to WPF projects only

To change the type of camera

  1. Under Objects and Timeline, expand the Viewport3D object for the object that you want to modify.

    The Viewport3D object contains a child object for the camera, and container object for the world geometry.

  2. Expand the camera container object, and then select the Camera child object.

  3. In the Camera category of the Properties panel, click either Perspective CameraCc295042.3cacfb92-e2f5-4f68-a478-e79ff491201d(en-us,Expression.30).png or Orthographic CameraCc295042.035d804b-9193-4c84-aca2-308c24e87563(en-us,Expression.30).png next to Camera Type, and then optionally adjust the following properties:

    • Width   For the orthographic camera only, this attribute controls how much of the content is visible. As this number gets larger, more of the content will be visible.

    • Position   The position of the camera in the world.

    • Direction   The point at which the camera is looking in the world.

    • Up Vector   Which direction is "up" for this camera.

    • Perspective Field Of View   For the perspective camera only, this attribute changes the amount of the content that is visible through the camera and the amount that objects in the document appear to be distorted by the camera. Small values will reduce the amount that an object is distorted by perspective and large values will cause objects to become very distorted as with a fisheye lens.

    • Far/Near Clipping Planes   These control how close to or far away from the camera an object can get before it disappears from the rendered view.