ImportCatalogPart control

The ImportCatalogPart control enables users to import a description file that describes settings on a WebPart control or server control that a user wants to add to a WebPartZoneBase zone.

After a user imports a description file, the Web Part control referenced in the file appears within the ImportCatalogPart control, and a user can add the control to the page.

The ImportCatalogPart control, like all other CatalogPart controls, resides in an CatalogZone zone.

To add an ImportCatalogPart control to a page

  • Drag the ImportCatalogPart control from the Toolbox task pane to a CatalogZone control on the page.

For an overview of and programming examples for the ImportCatalogPart control, see ImportCatalogPart Classin the MSDN library.

For a full description of all ImportCatalogPart control properties, see ImportCatalogPart Propertiesin the MSDN library.