IntelliSense for cascading style sheets overview

Microsoft Expression Web provides you with IntelliSense for cascading style sheets (CSS) to streamline the process of authoring and applying CSS when you work directly in the source code of a web page or .css file. IntelliSense for CSS can insert the closing curly brace (}) for you when you begin a block of properties for a style and enables you to click references to either class selectors or an external CSS in order to open the source of the reference. IntelliSense also enables you to quickly look up HTML elements, classes, ids, properties, and values as you type. For example, if you type a CSS selector and then an opening curly brace ({), IntelliSense displays an alphabetical shortcut (Auto Popup) menu of all available properties. After you select a property from the menu or type the property, IntelliSense can display a different shortcut menu that contains values that are appropriate for the property you selected.

The following table contains the icons that appear in IntelliSense shortcut menus for CSS.

IntelliSense shortcut menu icons




HTML element selector

Class selector

ID selector


A property


A value


An option to set a custom value


An action

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