Optimizing code

By using the code optimization settings in Microsoft Expression Web, you can reduce the amount of unnecessary code in your web pages. This can make it easier to edit pages in Code view. It can also help you reduce the file sizes of your pages and help site visitors open your pages more quickly.

You can optimize the code of a single page, or all pages when you publish them to your site.

If you choose to optimize your code when publishing your web pages, Expression Web removes specific types of code from those pages only when you publish them to your remote site. It maintains that code in the pages on the local site. This means that you can continue to see the code when you're editing the pages in the local site, but you and your site visitors cannot see the code in copies of the pages on the remote site.

Some code optimization settings are designed specifically for authoring web pages, while others are designed specifically for publishing pages. Therefore, some settings may not be available for both authoring and publishing pages.

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