Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Profiles Namespace


Class Description
AacAudioProfile A class that represents an AAC Audio profile.
AdvancedVC1VideoProfile Is used to specify the advanced VC1 video profile.
AudioProfile The base class for audio profiles.
AudioProfileCollection A collection of audio profiles.
BaselineH264VideoProfile Specifies the baseline H.264 video profile.
Bitrate The base bitrate class.
ConstantBitrate Used to specify a constant bitrate.
H264PassThroughProfile H.264 passthrough profile used on the DecoderSpecificInfo.
H264VideoProfile The base class for H264 video profiles.
HighH264VideoProfile Used to specify the high H.264 video profile.
LocalProfiles Class to get the list of audio profiles installed on the system.
MainH264VideoProfile Used to specify the main H.264 video profile.
MainVC1VideoProfile Is used to specify the main VC1 video profile.
ProfileBase The base class for profiles.
PrxParser This class handles accessing all the stock profiles that are provided by Expression Encoder.
ScreenCaptureVideoProfile The video profile used for screen capture.
SimpleVC1VideoProfile Is used to specify the simple VC1 video profile.
StreamCollection Is used to specify a list of streams with bitrates and sizes.
StreamInfo Is used to specify information about a stream.
VariableConstrainedBitrate Is used to specify a variable constrained bitrate.
VariableQualityBitrate Used to specify a variable quality bitrate.
VariableUnconstrainedBitrate Used to specify a variable unconstrained bitrate.
VC1VideoProfile The base class for VC1 video profiles.
VideoProfile The base class for video profiles.
WmaAudioProfile A class that represents a Windows Media Audio profile.
XmlAudioProfile A class that represents a Windows Media Audio profile.
XmlVideoProfile The video profiles that can be initialized from an XML string


Enumeration Description
AacLevel AAC Audio level.
AdaptiveDeadZone When large portions of textured areas have coarse details, Adaptive Dead Zone attempts to balance the bit distribution within a picture by discarding more of the information in smooth areas with fine details.
AudioCodec Contains the audio codecs that Expression Encoder supports as output types.
DifferentialQuantization Specifies the DifferentialQuantization options for a VideoProfile.
EntropyMode The values for entropy mode.
H264Level H264 Level values.
MacroblockModeCostOption Specifies the cost method used by the codec to determine which macroblock mode to use.
MEPartitionLevel The values for ME Partition Level.
MotionChromaSearch Specifies the motion chroma search options for a VideoProfile.
MotionMatchMethod Specifies the motion-matching method.
MotionSearchRange Specifies the motion search range.
MotionVectorCost Used to specify the method used by the codec to estimate the amount of processing required for motion vector coding. The codec uses the cost to determine which features will be used in encoding.
MultiReferenceMotionSearchMode The values for multi reference motion search mode.
RDOptimizationMode The values for RD optimization mode.
StreamCompatibilityMode Used to specify the stream compatibility mode.
SubBlockMotionSearchMode The values for sub block motion search mode.
SubPixelMode The values for subpixel search mode.
VC1OutputMode Specifies the format of the output video stream. Only valid when VideoCodecProfile is set to Advanced.
VideoCodec Specifies the type of video codecs that are supported for output encoding of video streams.

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