ResizeQuality Enumeration

The algorithm to be used when resizing the video.

Namespace: Microsoft.Expression.Encoder
Assembly: Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Types (in microsoft.expression.encoder.types.dll)


Public Enumeration ResizeQuality
Dim instance As ResizeQuality
public enum ResizeQuality
public enum class ResizeQuality


Member name Description
Bicubic Slower, but better quality particularly for larger reductions in size, such as HD to 320 x 240.
Bilinear Average speed and quality.
Lanczos Best quality for up-scaling, such as 320x240 to HD.
NearestNeighbor Lower quality, but fast.
Super Best quality for down-scaling.


Development Platforms

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008, and Windows 2000

Target Platforms

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