VideoComplexity Enumeration

Specify a number for the encoding complexity of the video stream. This value can range from Fastest (0) to Best (5). The higher numbers will produce higher-quality video, but can require substantially more processing time. 0 and 1 are optimized for live encoding where you need to process the frames in real-time, and 2-5 are optimized for offline encoding.

Namespace: Microsoft.Expression.Encoder
Assembly: Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Types (in microsoft.expression.encoder.types.dll)


Public Enumeration VideoComplexity
Dim instance As VideoComplexity
public enum VideoComplexity
public enum class VideoComplexity


Member name Description
Best Best (5).
Better Better (4).
Fast Fast (1).
Fastest Fastest (0).
Good Good (2).
Normal Normal (3).


Development Platforms

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008, and Windows 2000

Target Platforms

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