CompositeContentShape Members

Provides a base class of a composite shape that derives from ContentControl and implements IShape.

The following tables list the members exposed by the CompositeContentShape type.

Protected Constructors

  Name Description


Public Fields

(see also Protected Fields)

  Name Description
public fieldstatic ActualHeightProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ActualWidthProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic AllowDropProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic AreAnyTouchesCapturedProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic AreAnyTouchesCapturedWithinProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic AreAnyTouchesDirectlyOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic AreAnyTouchesOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic BackgroundProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic BindingGroupProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic BitmapEffectInputProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic BitmapEffectProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic BorderBrushProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic BorderThicknessProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic CacheModeProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ClipProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ClipToBoundsProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ContentProperty  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public fieldstatic ContentStringFormatProperty  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public fieldstatic ContentTemplateProperty  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public fieldstatic ContentTemplateSelectorProperty  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public fieldstatic ContextMenuClosingEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ContextMenuOpeningEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ContextMenuProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic CursorProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic DataContextProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic DragEnterEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic DragLeaveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic DragOverEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic DropEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic EffectProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic FillProperty  
public fieldstatic FlowDirectionProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic FocusableProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic FocusVisualStyleProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic FontFamilyProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic FontSizeProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic FontStretchProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic FontStyleProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic FontWeightProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic ForceCursorProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ForegroundProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic GiveFeedbackEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic GotFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic GotKeyboardFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic GotMouseCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic GotStylusCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic GotTouchCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic HasContentProperty  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public fieldstatic HeightProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic HorizontalAlignmentProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic InputScopeProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic InternalContentProperty  
public fieldstatic IsEnabledProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsFocusedProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsHitTestVisibleProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsKeyboardFocusedProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsKeyboardFocusWithinProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsManipulationEnabledProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsMouseCapturedProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsMouseCaptureWithinProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsMouseDirectlyOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsMouseOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsStylusCapturedProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsStylusCaptureWithinProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsStylusDirectlyOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsStylusOverProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic IsTabStopProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic IsVisibleProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic KeyDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic KeyUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic LanguageProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic LayoutTransformProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic LoadedEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic LostFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic LostKeyboardFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic LostMouseCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic LostStylusCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic LostTouchCaptureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationBoundaryFeedbackEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationCompletedEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationDeltaEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationInertiaStartingEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationStartedEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ManipulationStartingEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MarginProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic MaxHeightProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic MaxWidthProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic MinHeightProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic MinWidthProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic MouseDoubleClickEvent  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic MouseDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseEnterEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseLeaveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseLeftButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseLeftButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseRightButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseRightButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic MouseWheelEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic NameProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic OpacityMaskProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic OpacityProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic OverridesDefaultStyleProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic PaddingProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic PreviewDragEnterEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewDragLeaveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewDragOverEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewDropEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewGiveFeedbackEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewGotKeyboardFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewKeyDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewKeyUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewLostKeyboardFocusEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseDoubleClickEvent  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseLeftButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseLeftButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseRightButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseRightButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewMouseWheelEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewQueryContinueDragEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusInAirMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusInRangeEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusOutOfRangeEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusSystemGestureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewStylusUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewTextInputEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewTouchDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewTouchMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic PreviewTouchUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic QueryContinueDragEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic QueryCursorEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic RenderTransformOriginProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic RenderTransformProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic RequestBringIntoViewEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic SizeChangedEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic SnapsToDevicePixelsProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StretchProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeDashArrayProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeDashCapProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeDashOffsetProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeEndLineCapProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeLineJoinProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeMiterLimitProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeStartLineCapProperty  
public fieldstatic StrokeThicknessProperty  
public fieldstatic StyleProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic StylusButtonDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusButtonUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusEnterEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusInAirMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusInRangeEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusLeaveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusOutOfRangeEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusSystemGestureEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic StylusUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic TabIndexProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic TagProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic TemplateProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic TextInputEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic ToolTipClosingEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ToolTipOpeningEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic ToolTipProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic TouchDownEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic TouchEnterEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic TouchLeaveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic TouchMoveEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic TouchUpEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic UidProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic UnloadedEvent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic UseLayoutRoundingProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic VerticalAlignmentProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public fieldstatic VerticalContentAlignmentProperty  (Inherited from Control)
public fieldstatic VisibilityProperty  (Inherited from UIElement)
public fieldstatic WidthProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)


Protected Fields

  Name Description
protected fieldstatic DefaultStyleKeyProperty  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)


Public Properties

(see also Protected Properties)

  Name Description
public property ActualHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property ActualWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property AllowDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property AreAnyTouchesCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property AreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property AreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property AreAnyTouchesOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Background  (Inherited from Control)
public property BindingGroup  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property BitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property BitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property BorderBrush  (Inherited from Control)
public property BorderThickness  (Inherited from Control)
public property CacheMode  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Clip  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property ClipToBounds  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property CommandBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Content  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public property ContentStringFormat  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public property ContentTemplate  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public property ContentTemplateSelector  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public property ContextMenu  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Cursor  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property DataContext  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property DependencyObjectType  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public property DesiredSize  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Dispatcher  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public property Effect  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Fill Gets or sets the Brush that specifies how to paint the interior of the shape.
public property FlowDirection  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Focusable  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property FocusVisualStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property FontFamily  (Inherited from Control)
public property FontSize  (Inherited from Control)
public property FontStretch  (Inherited from Control)
public property FontStyle  (Inherited from Control)
public property FontWeight  (Inherited from Control)
public property ForceCursor  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Foreground  (Inherited from Control)
public property GeometryMargin Gets the margin between the logical bounds and the actual geometry bounds. This can be either positive (as in Arc) or negative (as in Callout).
public property HasAnimatedProperties  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property HasContent  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public property Height  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property HorizontalAlignment  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property HorizontalContentAlignment  (Inherited from Control)
public property InputBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property InputScope  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property InternalContent Gets or sets the internal content that converts a string into a center-aligned, multiple-line TextBlock.
public property IsArrangeValid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsFocused  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsHitTestVisible  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsInitialized  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property IsInputMethodEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsKeyboardFocused  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsKeyboardFocusWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsLoaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property IsManipulationEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsMeasureValid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsMouseCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsMouseCaptureWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsMouseDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsMouseOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsSealed  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public property IsStylusCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsStylusCaptureWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsStylusDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsStylusOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property IsTabStop  (Inherited from Control)
public property IsVisible  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Language  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property LayoutTransform  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Margin  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MaxHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MaxWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MinHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MinWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Name  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Opacity  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property OpacityMask  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property OverridesDefaultStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Padding  (Inherited from Control)
public property Parent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property PersistId  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderedGeometry Gets the rendered geometry presented by the rendering engine.
public property RenderSize  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderTransform  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderTransformOrigin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Resources  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property SnapsToDevicePixels  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Stretch Gets or sets a Stretch enumeration value that describes how the shape fills its allocated space.
public property Stroke Gets or sets the Brush that specifies how the Shape outline is painted.
public property StrokeDashArray Gets or sets a collection of Double values that indicate the pattern of dashes and gaps that is used to outline shapes.
public property StrokeDashCap Gets or sets a PenLineCap enumeration value that specifies how the ends of a dash are drawn.
public property StrokeDashOffset Gets or sets a Double that specifies the distance within the dash pattern where a dash begins.
public property StrokeEndLineCap Gets or sets a PenLineCap enumeration value that describes the Shape at the end of a line.
public property StrokeLineJoin Gets or sets a PenLineJoin enumeration value that specifies the type of join that is used at the vertices of a Shape.
public property StrokeMiterLimit Gets or sets a limit on the ratio of the miter length to half the StrokeThickness of a Shape element.
public property StrokeStartLineCap Gets or sets a PenLineCap enumeration value that describes the Shape at the start of a Stroke.
public property StrokeThickness Gets or sets the width of the Shape stroke outline.
public property Style  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property TabIndex  (Inherited from Control)
public property Tag  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Template  (Inherited from Control)
public property TemplatedParent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property ToolTip  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property TouchesCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property TouchesCapturedWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property TouchesDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property TouchesOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Triggers  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Uid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property UseLayoutRounding  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property VerticalAlignment  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property VerticalContentAlignment  (Inherited from Control)
public property Visibility  (Inherited from UIElement)
public property Width  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)


Protected Properties

  Name Description
protected property DefaultStyleKey  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected property HandlesScrolling  (Inherited from Control)
protected property InheritanceBehavior  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected property IsEnabledCore  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected property LogicalChildren  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected property StylusPlugIns  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected property VisualBitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualBitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualBitmapScalingMode  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualCacheMode  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualChildrenCount  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected property VisualClearTypeHint  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualClip  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualEdgeMode  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualEffect  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualOffset  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualOpacity  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualOpacityMask  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualParent  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualScrollableAreaClip  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualTextHintingMode  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualTextRenderingMode  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualTransform  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualXSnappingGuidelines  (Inherited from Visual)
protected property VisualYSnappingGuidelines  (Inherited from Visual)


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method AddHandler  Overloaded. (Inherited from UIElement)
public method AddToEventRoute  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ApplyAnimationClock  Overloaded. (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ApplyTemplate  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method Arrange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method BeginAnimation  Overloaded. (Inherited from UIElement)
public method BeginInit  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method BeginStoryboard  Overloaded. (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method BringIntoView  Overloaded. (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method CaptureMouse  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method CaptureStylus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method CaptureTouch  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method CheckAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public method ClearValue  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method CoerceValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method EndInit  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method Equals  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method FindCommonVisualAncestor  (Inherited from Visual)
public method FindName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method FindResource  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method Focus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method GetAnimationBaseValue  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method GetBindingExpression  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodstatic GetFlowDirection  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method GetHashCode  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method GetLocalValueEnumerator  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method GetType  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method InputHitTest  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method InvalidateArrange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method InvalidateGeometry Invalidates the geometry for a IShape. After the invalidation, the IShape will recompute the geometry, which will occur asynchronously.
public method InvalidateMeasure  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method InvalidateProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method InvalidateVisual  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method IsAncestorOf  (Inherited from Visual)
public method IsDescendantOf  (Inherited from Visual)
public method Measure  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method MoveFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method OnApplyTemplate Overridden.  
public method PointFromScreen  (Inherited from Visual)
public method PointToScreen  (Inherited from Visual)
public method PredictFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method RaiseEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ReadLocalValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic ReferenceEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public method RegisterName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method ReleaseAllTouchCaptures  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ReleaseMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ReleaseStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ReleaseTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method RemoveHandler  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method SetBinding  Overloaded. (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method SetCurrentValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic SetFlowDirection  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method SetResourceReference  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method SetValue  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method ShouldSerializeCommandBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ShouldSerializeContent  (Inherited from ContentControl)
public method ShouldSerializeInputBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method ShouldSerializeResources  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method ShouldSerializeStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method ShouldSerializeTriggers  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method ToString  (Inherited from Control)
public method TransformToAncestor  Overloaded. (Inherited from Visual)
public method TransformToDescendant  (Inherited from Visual)
public method TransformToVisual  (Inherited from Visual)
public method TranslatePoint  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method TryFindResource  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method UnregisterName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method UpdateLayout  (Inherited from UIElement)
public method VerifyAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)


Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method AddChild  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected method AddLogicalChild  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method AddText  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected method AddVisualChild  (Inherited from Visual)
protected method ArrangeCore  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method ArrangeOverride Overridden. Provides the behavior for the Arrange portion of a Silverlight layout pass. Classes can override this method to define their own Arrange pass behavior.
protected method CreateGeometrySource Extends how the shape is drawn with creating geometry source.
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method GetLayoutClip  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method GetTemplateChild  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method GetUIParentCore  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method GetVisualChild  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method HitTestCore  Overloaded. (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method MeasureCore  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method MeasureOverride  (Inherited from Control)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method OnAccessKey  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnChildDesiredSizeChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnContentChanged Overridden. Transforms a string content into TextBlock with center alignment and multiple line support.
protected method OnContentStringFormatChanged  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected method OnContentTemplateChanged  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected method OnContentTemplateSelectorChanged  (Inherited from ContentControl)
protected method OnContextMenuClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnContextMenuOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnCreateAutomationPeer  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnInitialized  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnIsKeyboardFocusedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsMouseCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsMouseCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsMouseDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnKeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationBoundaryFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationCompleted  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationDelta  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationInertiaStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationStarted  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewKeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnPreviewMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPropertyChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnQueryCursor  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnRender  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnRenderSizeChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnStyleChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTemplateChanged  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnTextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnToolTipClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnToolTipOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnVisualChildrenChanged  (Inherited from Visual)
protected method OnVisualParentChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method ParentLayoutInvalidated  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method RemoveLogicalChild  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method RemoveVisualChild  (Inherited from Visual)
protected method ShouldSerializeProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)


Public Events

  Name Description
public event ContextMenuClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event ContextMenuOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event DataContextChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event DragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event DragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event DragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Drop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event FocusableChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Initialized  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event IsEnabledChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsHitTestVisibleChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsKeyboardFocusedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsVisibleChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LayoutUpdated  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Loaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event LostFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationBoundaryFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationCompleted  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationDelta  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationInertiaStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationStarted  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
public event MouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewKeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
public event PreviewMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event QueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event QueryCursor  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event RenderedGeometryChanged Occurs when RenderedGeometry is changed.
public event RequestBringIntoView  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event SizeChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event SourceUpdated  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event StylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TargetUpdated  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event TextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ToolTipClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event ToolTipOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event TouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Unloaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)


Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
System.Windows.Markup.IAddChild.AddChild  (Inherited from ContentControl)
System.Windows.Markup.IAddChild.AddText  (Inherited from ContentControl)
System.Windows.Markup.IQueryAmbient.IsAmbientPropertyAvailable  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)


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