Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.ScreenCapture Namespace


Class Description
OutputErrorEventArgs Class that represents the arguments to an output error event.
RectangleSelectionUtilities Class to help with screen capture selection.
ScreenCaptureAudioException An audio screen capture exception.
ScreenCaptureEventArgs Class that represents the arguments of a screen capture event.
ScreenCaptureException A screen capture exception.
ScreenCaptureJob Class that contains a job of screen capture sessions.
ScreenCaptureStatistics The statistics of the current screen capture session.
ScreenCaptureStatusEventArgs The arguments of the event that occurs when the screen capture status changes.
ScreenCaptureWebcamException A screen capture webcam exception.
WebcamErrorEventArgs Class that handles the event arguments when there is a webcam error.


Enumeration Description
RecordStatus Screen capture status.
ScreenCaptureEventType The type of the screen capture event.
WebcamErrorType The types of webcam errors.

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