Access keys

You can use access keys to access a menu command or an area in a dialog box by pressing a specific key on the keyboard. Access keys are identified by underscores that appear in the currently selected command or dialog box.

To use access keys, first press ALT or F10 to make the underscores appear, and then press the corresponding letter of the specific menu or dialog box item. Alternatively, you can navigate through a menu or dialog box by using the TAB key or the arrow keys. For example, if you press ALT in Microsoft Expression Encoder, an underline appears under the letter F in the File menu to identify it as an access key. To open a project, you could press and hold ALT, press F, and then press O.

Access keys that appear with an underscore after you press ALT

Menu with access keys underscored

For more information about accessibility and features, see Accessibility at Microsoft Gg602447.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

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